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Expedition Madagascar 2015 / Expedícia Madagaskar 2015

Between March 5 and Apri 1, 2015 will be organized Orthoptera expedition in Central ond Southern Madagascar. Slovak and Czech zoologists and naturalists with cooperation with ecologist from Tana University are aimed to widen knowledge on distribution mainly grasshoppers and crickets (Orthoptera) and bring new light on effect of habitat quality along altitudinal gradient.
The study plots will be at nine main sites (bold) in contrasting environment along the route Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Itremo – Isalo – Zombitse – Toliara – Ifaty Forest – Tsimanampetsotsa – Itampolo – Cape St. Marie – Bevilany (Andohahela) – Tolagnaro – Ihosy – Ranomafana – Antananarivo. The main sponsor of outdoor equipment is company EXIsport.

V dňoch 5. marca až 1. apríla 2015 organizujú slovenskí a českí zoológovia a prírodovedci v spolupráci s ekológmi z Univerzity Antananarivo expedíciu do centrálneho a južného Madagaskaru. Cieľom expedície je rozšíriť poznatky o rozšírení niektorých skupín živočíchov, hlavne rovnokrídlovcov (Orthoptera) a prispieť k poznaniu vplyvu kvality habitatu a nadmorskej výšky na ich výskyt.
Prieskum bude robený na 9 hlavných lokalitách (tučne) v kontrastných habitatoch pozdĺž trasy Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Itremo – Isalo – Zombitse – Toliara – Ifaty Forest – Tsimanampetsotsa – Itampolo – Cape St. Marie – Bevilany (Andohahela) – Tolagnaro – Ihosy – Ranomafana – Antananarivo. Hlavným sponzorom outdoorového vybavenia je firma EXIsport.

Expedition: Orthoptera of South-west USA

During October 17,- November 5, 2013 we found cca 31 Orthoptera species (6 Ensifera and 25 Caelifera) and one mantid species in 29 sites of the SW USA (California 11 sites, Nevada 2, Utah 6, Arizona 10; whole journey 6200 km by car). The sites were located between -85 (Death Valley) and +3100 m a. s. l. (Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest). The material was sampled mostly by individual collection, photographing and release of specimens. We spent at least two hours of data collection at each site.
The most frequent were the locusts of the genus Trimerotropis (palidipennis, latifasciata), Melanoplus (differentialis, lakinus, flavidus), Schistocerca (shoshonae, nitens), Leprus intermedius, Ligurotettix coquiletti.
The bush-crickets were rare there in that time, e.g. Aglaiothorax ovata (Sequoja NP, CA), Neduba sp. (Yosemite NP, CA). Among interesting and rare we found also the grasshoppers Ageneotettix deorum (Black Canyon, AZ), Barytettix humphreysii, Brachystola magna, Taeniopoda eques (Sonoita State Forest, AZ) and mantid (Litaneutria obscura) in Black Canyon (AZ).

Anton Krištín & Benjamím Jarčuška

Chorthippus curtipennis, Bodega bay, CA

Melanoplus cf. marginatus, Bodega bay, CA

Trimerotropis cf. latifasciata, Sequoja NP, CA

Aglaothorax ovata, Sequoja NP, CA

Melanoplus borealis - Yosemite NP, CA

Neduba sp., Yosemite NP, CA

Trimerotropis californica, Bristlecone Pine forest, CA

Trimerotropis pallidipennis, Death Valley, CA

Trimerotropis pallidipennis, Death Valley, CA

Oecanthus cf. rileyi, Zion NP, UT

Acrididae, g.sp. Montezuma well, AZ

Melanoplus lakinus, Montezuma well, AZ

Arphia pseudonietana, Montezuma well, AZ

Melanoplus flavidus, Montezuma well, AZ

Melanoplus lakinus, Montezuma castle, AZ

Litaneutria obscura, Black Canyon, AZ

Schistocerca shoshonae, Black Canyon, AZ

Ageneotettix deorum, Black Canyon, AZ

Schistocerca nitens, Coronado Sonoita, AZ

Melanoplus differentialis, Coronado Sonoita, AZ

Taeniopoda eques, Coronado Sonoita, AZ

Brachystola magna, Coronado Sonoita, AZ

Barytettix humphreysii, Patagonia, AZ

Ligurotettix coquiletti, Sonora Desert, AZ
Notes on Orthoptera of Strandzha, Bulgaria

At the end of June 2013 (17-26), I spent nice time in Strandzha area (SE Bulgaria) between Ropotamo, Rezevo and Malko Tarnovo. Altogether approximately 45 Orthoptera and 2 Mantodea species could be identified (with the kind help of Dragan Chobanov from Sofia). I visited 20 sites, mainly grasslands, light oak forests and their edges, forest steppes and sandy dunes. Among the rarest species I can mention e.g. beautiful and huge Paranocarodes straubei (Pamphagidae), smaller Poecilimon cf. roseoviridis and big and bizar mantid Empusa fasciata. To the most abundant Acridid species belonged Pezotettix giorane, Paracaloptenus caloptenoides, Euchorthippus declivus, Calliptamus italicus, Sphingonotus caerulans, Acrida ungarica, etc.. Abundant bushcrickets and crickets were there, e.g. Decticus albifrons, Poecilimon brunneri, Phaneroptera spp., Sepiana sepium, Metrioptera fedtschenkoi, Bucephaloptera bucephala, Pachytrachis gracilis , Ruspolia nitidula, Conocephalus hastatus, Oecanthus pellucens, there were common and the bigger species were frequent prey for Red headed Shrike Lanius senator. Many species were there in the nymph stage and so not easy to identify.

Anton Krištín

Isophya cf. rectipennis

Decticus albifrons

Paranocarodes straubei

Sphingonotus caerulans

Poecilimon brunneri

Habitat of Paranocarodes straubei

Pholidoptera fallax

Habitat of Pachytrachis gracilis and Sepiana sepium

Metrioptera fedtschenkoi

Omocestus rufipes

Conocephalus hastatus

Paracaloptenus caloptenoides

Empusa fasciata

Bucephaloptera bucephala

Sepiana sepium

Pachytrachis gracilis, female and male

Poecilimon cf. roseoviridis

habitat of P. roseoviridis

Tettigonia viridissima
Mapping of Slovak orthopterans (up to October 30, 2012)

Altogether 367 quadrates (85,3 % from total 430) in Slovak Fauna Databank (DFS) and 945 Slovak localities were mapped till October 30, 2012.

In 2012 following maps were updated:
For 17 bush-cricket species (Barbitistes constrictus, Conocephalus dorsalis, Conocephalus fuscus, Decticus verrucivorus, Metrioptera brachyptera, Gryllus campestris, Oecanthus pellucens, Phaneroptera falcata, Pholidoptera fallax, Pholidoptera transsylvanica, Pholidoptera aptera, P. griseoaptera, Platycleis veyseli, Polysarcus denticauda, Ruspolia nitidula, Tettigonia cantans, T. viridissima) and xx grasshopper species (Calliptamus italicus, E. declivus, Odontopodisma rubripes, Paracaloptenus caloptenoides, Podisma pedestris, Psophus stridulus, Stetophymma grossum).

In 2012 mapping of 32 quadrants of DFS was completed
6576, 6774, 6775, 6776, 6777, 6778, 6790, 6879, 6883, 6890, 6974, 6975, 6978, 6979, 6989, 6990, 7189, 7190, 7191, 7192, 7194, 7195, 7678, 7767, 7785, 7867, 7870, 7970, 7971, 8076, 8077, 8179

Expedition: Orthoptera of Romania

During July 16-21, 2012 we found 70 Orthoptera species (34 Ensifera and 36 Caelifera) in 22 Carpathian sites and two sites outside Carpathian Mountains in Romania (2100 km by car). The sites were located between 87 and 1700 m a.s.l., most of them between 400 and 1000 m a.s.l. The material was sampled mostly by sweeping herbs and partially also the shrub vegetation. This method was supplemented with individual collection of specimens. We spent at least two hours of collection at each site. Regarding taxonomy, we recorded 32 species and 16 genera of the family Tettigoniidae, 2 species and 2 genera Gryllidae (effect of mountains) and 1 species, 1 genus of the family Tetrigidae, 35 species, 20 genera Acrididae. The 70 species found represented 38.3% of the 183 species known in Romania (Iorgu et al. 2008, updated). Furthermore, we updated the distributional patterns in e.g. Pholidoptera frivaldskyi (found in 11 sites) and all accompanying species. The most frequent were Metrioptera bicolor, Metrioptera roeselii, Chorthippus parallelus, Leptophyes albovittata, Chorthippus brunneus, Euchorthippus declivus (>50%). Rare bushcrickets were, e.g. Onconotus servillei, Isophya rectipennis, Isophya stysi, Poecilimon thoracicus, Tettigonia caudata, Platycleis veyselii, Pholidoptera fallx, and surprisingly also Pholidoptera griseoaptera, as well grasshoppers Zubovskya banatica, Psophus stridulus, Stenobothrus nigromaculatus, Chorthippus pullus, Stauroderus scalaris.

Anton Krištín, Peter Kaňuch, Benjamín Jarčuška, Ionut Iorgu & Elena Iorgu

Piatru Neamt

Pseudopodisma fieberi


Poecilimon fussi


Onconotus serville


Fellows in Fagaras

Pholidoptera transsylvanica

Pholidoptera frivaldskyi


Stauroderus scalaris

Pholidoptera littoralis

Poecilimon thoracicus

Mt. Semenik, Banat

Zubovskya banatica

Acrida ungarica
Expedícia: Austrália-Tasmánia 2011

Here is presented pictures gallery of Orthopteroid insects from Australia (Queensland = Qld.) and Tasmania collected during trip from November 14 to December 13, 2011.

Photo & Lgt.: Anton Krištín, Zvolen, Slovakia
Det.: David Rentz, Sydney, Australia

Pycnostictus seriatus, Brisbane, Qld., 14. 11. 2011

Austroicetes sp., Gingin, Qld., 15. 11. 2011

Tenodera australasiae, Capricorn Caves, Qld., 16. 11. 2011

Polichne sp., Whitesunday NP, Lagoon Quais, Qld.,19. 11. 2011

Austroicetes sp., Whitesunday NP, Midge Point, Qld., 19. 11. 2011

Austroicetes sp., Whitesunday NP, Midge Point, Qld., 19. 11. 2011

Desertaria lepida, Magnetic Island, Qld., 20. 11. 2011

Desertaria lepida, Magnetic Island, Qld., 20. 11. 2011

Pycnostictus seriatus, Magnetic Island, Qld., 20. 11. 2011

Macrotona sp., Cardwell, Qld., 20. 11. 2011

Macrotona sp., Cardwell, Qld., 20. 11. 2011

Pycnostictus seriatus, Ed. Kennedy NP, Qld., 21. 11. 2011

Cryptobothrus chrysophorus, Kuranda, Qld., 22. 11. 2011

Atractomorpha similis, Kuranda, Qld., 22. 11. 2011

Cigarrophasma tesselatum, Daintree, Qld., 23. 11. 2011

Cigarrophasma tesselatum, Daintree, Qld., 23. 11. 2011

Frogattina australis, Daintree NP, Qld., 24. 11. 2011

Desmoptera truncatipennis, Daintree NP, Qld., 24. 11. 2011

Homoeoxipha lycoides, Daintree NP, Qld., 24. 11. 2011

Valanga irregularis, Bloomfield River, Qld., 25. 11. 2011

Valanga irregularis, Bloomfield River , Qld., 25. 11. 2011

Goniaea vocans, Laura, Qld., 26. 11. 2011

Goniaea vocans, Laura, Qld., 26. 11. 2011

Macrolophia sp., Laura, Qld., 26. 11. 2011

Sphodropoda sp., Lakefield NP, Qld., 26. 11. 2011

Cosmozosteria sp.n., Laura, Qld., 30. 11. 2011

Gryllacrididae g.sp., Geeveston, Tasmania, 4. 12. 2011

Tasmaniacris tasmaniensis, Mountfield NP, Tasmania, 6. 12. 2011

Tasmaniacris tasmaniensis, Lake Pedder, Tasmania, 6. 12. 2011

Russalpia albertisi, Craddle NP, Tasmania, 8. 12. 2011

Phaulacridium vittatum, Craddle NP, Tasmania, 8. 12. 2011

Russalpia albertisi, Craddle NP, 1200 m, Tasmania, 8. 12. 2011

Tasmanoplectron isolatum, Maracoopa cave, Tasmania, 9. 12. 2011

Tasmaniacris tasmaniensis, Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania, 9. 12. 2011
Atlas Orthoptera a Mantodea Východného Rakúska

Vyšiel temer po 20 rokoch terénnej práce koncom novembra 2009! Všetky známe druhy tohto regiónu Európy (a nášho suseda) sú predstavené fotkami a mapami rozšírenia na viac akor 300 stranách. Osem členný autorský kolektív spísal druhové texty tak, že pri každom druhu sa pojednáva o rozšírení, biotopoch, fenológií a vývoji početnosti na 2 stranách. K tomu sú prehľadné informácie o najdôležitejších náleziskách a lokalitách. Knihu vydalo vydavateľstvo Naturhistorisches Museum Wien a stojí 44,- EUR.

Objednávky zasielajte na verlag@nhm-wien.ac.at a navštívte aj novú stránku rakúskych kolegov www.orthoptera.at

10th International Congress of Orthopterology

Akdenitz Üniversitesi v tureckej Antalyi hostila v dňoch 21.– 25. 6. 2009 na 10. svetovom kongrese ortopterológov 220 vedcov z 52 krajín sveta. Odznelo tam celkom 83 referátov a prezentovalo sa 63 posterov. Abstrakty všetkých príspevkov boli publikované v špeciálnom vydaní časopisu Metaleptea (vydáva Orthopterists Society). Po kongrese sme podnikli exkurzie do okolitých hôr Ilýrskej časti Turecka (pohorie Bedaglari), a to v nadmorských výškach do 2480 m n. m. Na tomto vertikálnom gradiente sme zistili celkom asi 50 druhov, pričom v polohách nad 1500 m n. m. boli u niektorých druhov ešte z veľkej časti nymfy. Z exotických druhov sme našli 4 druhy čelade Pamphagidae (rody Prionotropis, Pamphagus), obrovské kobylky Psorodonotus fieberi illyricus, Saga natoliae, Acrometopa syriaca, 3 druhy rodu Poecilimon, ale aj naše druhy, napr. Tettigonia caudata, Oedaleus decorus, Stenobothrus nigromaculatus, Oedipoda coerulescens, Chorthippus brunneus a i. Druhovo bohaté boli hlavne zamokrené lúčne porasty a pasienky v horách okolo 1800-1900 m n. m. a videli sme aj jaskynný druh Dolichopoda illyrica.

Tóno Krištín a Peťo Kaňuch

PS: Rozhovor o kongrese v Českom rozhlase Leonardo si môže vypočuť tu.

Paranocaracris sp.

Psorodonotus ebneri

Saga natoliae

Poecilimon sp.

Dolichopoda illyrica
Atlas Orthoptera Rakúska

Rakúski ortopterológovia po 20 rokoch finišujú v prácach na Atlase Orthoptera Východného Rakúska a behom leta ho chcú vydať v Naturhistorisches Museum Wien. Pozvánku na krst knihy Vám prinesieme.
Zároveň reklamajú že do r. 2012 chcú vydať Atlas Orthoptera celého Rakúska a uvádzajú stav poznania Orthoptera celého Rakúska.

Tu je prehľad súčasného spracovania územia

Koordinátorom mapovania Orthoptera Rakúska je Thomas Zuna-Kratky

Zoznam Orthoptera sveta

The Orthoptera Species File (OSF) je taxonomická databáza všetkých druhov rádu Orthoptera na svete. Obsahuje taxonomické informácie o viac ako 23 000 platných druhoch. Je tam > 124 000 citácií taxonomických prác. Databáza obsahuje u mnohých druhov aj fotografie a zvukové nahrávky.

Expedícia: Mexico 2009

Počas 20 dní (26. 3. - 15. 4. 2009) a 5500 km cesty po aridných biotopoch everovýchodného a centrálneho Mexika bolo zistených celkom viac ako 45 druhov Orthoptera (Tettigonioidea 1, Grylloidea 8, Acridoidea 36). V jarnom pre Orthoptera nepriaznivom období je to pomerne slušný počet druhov z celkového počtu cca 950 známych v Mexiku. Podarilo sa zistiť aj také druhy ako Hippiscus ocelote, Phrynotettix sp., Erioloides sp., Achurum sp., najviac však druhy rodov Trimerotropis a Schistocerca.

Tóno Krištín

Achurum sp., St. Maria

Trimerotropis sp., San Rafael

Rhammatocerus sp., St. Mariad Rio

Phrynotettix sp., St. Martin Las Vacas

Erioloides sp., Ixmiquilpan

Hippiscus sp., Galeana

Schistocerca pallens, Huizache